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The role of marketing for the success of any business is vital. And with most business having an online presence, the importance of an effective social media marketing strategy cannot be gainsaid.

Any social media marketing strategy should take into account the ROI. As you juggle between the various social media platforms, ensure that your choice reaches the targeted audience and delivers the desired ROI. Your social media management strategy must be geared towards reaping the most from each platform. In this article, we look at 6 reasons why you should use Facebook marketing.

Reason #1: Custom-targeted audience

Facebook has a Facebook Custom Audience Tool which allows marketers to target their marketing campaigns. Marketers can use the tool to upload lists of contacts, e.g. emails, phone numbers etc., and target them with specific ads. So, whether you are an entrepreneur with a few hundred contacts or a large business with hundreds of thousands, the tool is ideal for you.

Reason #2: Maximum visibility at minimum cost

Facebook is currently holding position three for the most populated online platforms. So, if you intend to launch your business online, you will, of course, want it built where the traffic is.

Although Google and YouTube take the first and second positions respectively, advertising on Facebook is cheaper than on Google. Also, Facebook’s videos are less expensive than those of YouTube. Therefore, Facebook marketing not only provides you with visibility but also offers it at a minimum cost.

Reason #3: Facebook Live

Do you know that people spend 3x longer watching live videos than narrative content? Indisputably, a live video is the champion of customer engagement and sharing. The integration of live video streaming technology into Facebook provides an opportunity for promoting events, answering questions, providing behind-the-scenes customer experiences and showing sneak previews of new products.

Reason #4: Chatbots

Shopify was the first to integrate with Facebook Messenger to enable its merchants directly sell on the Chatbot. With more businesses using the channel as a vector for sales, user engagement and hours sent on the platform continue to increase.

Reason #5: Consumer Psychology

Social media marketing is advantageous because it provides the audience with the ability to be heard. Notably, Facebook enables consumers to voice their opinions on a particular brand by commenting on anything.

Additionally, consumers can also endorse brands by merely hitting the “Like” button. Brands can leverage the psychology of “likes” to convert everyday users into brand influencers who will market for them.

Reason #6: Growth

Facebook is increasingly growing, and this presents a lot of opportunities for social media marketing within its platform. Its daily active users continue to grow, and this provides increased opportunities for social media marketing on its platform.

Also, Facebook has features such as Facebook Shopping Tab, Facebook Professional Services, Improved Search, Non-profit crowdfunding, Music Stores etc. All these additional features provide opportunities for entrepreneurs to improve their marketing strategies and increase their ROI.

Conclusively, Facebook is here to stay. Therefore, to get maximum ROI from your social media marketing strategy requires understanding your audience and reaching them. Facebook marketing offers immense opportunities which can be utilized to improve R.O.I.

If you need help with Facebook marketing or want to find out how we can use social media marketing to grow your business, please do get in touch with our experts at hello@solesourcedigital.com


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