2012 – 2017

After graduating in 2012 with an Accounting degree in Galway, Republic of Ireland, I got married and started raising a family. Late 2011, I started importing hair extensions to sell in Ireland to friends and families. In 2012, after job hunting for well over a year, I decided to take my small side hustle to the next level and focus on it. I got myself a website, started a blog and used social media to market the business which turned into an International business, supplying salons in africa to be resold and delivered in retail to individuals in over 6 countries. While I loved what I was doing, deep down I still wanted to have the 9-5 experience that I’ve always dreamed of but childcare costs were not helping at all. I focused on growing the business and I achieved that to a large extent.  In 2017, I decided to stop the business fully after a few business setbacks and relocating to the UK. While I was running the business, I wore many hats, from social media marketing to general business administration to dealing with suppliers to providing the best customer service I could possibly give and much more.

2017 – 2019

The experience and skills learned from running my own business gave me the opportunity to become a freelancer where I used my skills to help small business owners with their back office & project administration including social media management. Never stopped learning all this period, I took online courses to understand more of what I was doing and how I could be of more value.

Late 2018, I made the decision to further my studies by enrolling on a master’s program that will further enhance my business and digital skills. I started with a 3 months Graduate Certficate in International Management and progressed into the master’s in Digital Business at the University of Salford.

2019 – 2020

The year 2019 was a full year of study for me and part of my plan was to transition into full time employment by January 2020, which went as planned with the Grace of God. I’m also working on my dissertation while working and I look forward to my graduation December 2020.