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A recent study revealed that businesses with an active blog receive 97% more links to their website than those without one. This statistic is incredible! A blog is proven to drive traffic to your website and spread the word about your up-and-coming business.

Writing a blog needn’t be strenuous. It takes only a few hours a week and is most likely free if your business already has a website. Choosing something to write about shouldn’t be difficult either – the fact you own a business shows you have an area of expertise. If you can become a reliable source of advice, you’ll get prospective clients visiting your website again and again.

With all this in mind, let’s look at the benefits of starting up your business’ blog in a little more detail.

Major Boost to SEO

Ensuring your website appears higher in search engine results means more people are able to find your business. The process of improving your rank is called Search Engine Optimisation. Creating content with SEO methods in mind is essential to broaden your website’s reach. Some of these methods include;

  • Regularly uploading new content.
  • Including keywords that are often searched for, especially in page titles.
  • Linking to other reliable websites.

Simple, hey? Search engines keep a look out for these qualities and if a website fulfils them, the site is marked as more relevant, and achieves a higher position.

Blogging is such a simple way for your business to fulfil these criteria. Compiling a list of keywords related to your company is a great place to start. Which search-words might lead a prospective client to your website? There will be dozens of them! You can build regular blog posts around these topics, demonstrating to search engines that your website is relevant.

After you adopt some of these SEO strategies, prospective clients no longer need to be led directly to your page. With the help of Google and some of your useful blog articles, the clients will be finding you.

Content for Other Platforms

Regular social media posts prove that your business is active and engaged with its audience. Articles from your blog make for brilliant, shareable content. The caption can even be an excerpt from the blog itself; why not pick out an especially effective passage to encourage people to follow the link. It couldn’t be simpler for you to bag one of your weekly social media updates.

Further to that, blogging makes it easy for clients to do some of the leg work for you! Links to articles are easy for them to share, especially through sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

A snappy article headline can make someone jump from being a social media follower to an active user of your website.

Compiling a Mailing List

Regular blog updates make great content for email newsletters – what better way of meaningfully landing in your client’s inbox?

Website building platforms such as Squarespace and Wix include email marketing tools within their software. Mailchimp is another great platform to experiment with which specialises in email campaigns.

Skill Development

Aside from strengthening your business, writing a blog helps you build upon some of your key skills.

Writing weekly articles encourages you develop a routine – which part of your week would you put towards sitting down to update your blog? Following through on self-implemented deadlines is a brilliant discipline to practice. Even having the opportunity to write and develop your writing style is a rarity nowadays. The more you write, the easier words will come. This will make other writing tasks, such as updating copy on your website, come more naturally to you. Blogging also helps you develop skills in editing, proofing and being critical with your own work. The benefits are endless.

Brand Building

There are few opportunities for you to sit down, take a moment, and collect your thoughts on your business, but blogging gives you this chance. Who are you and what is your business all about? This is something you can play with in your writing, honing down exactly what sort of personality your company has.

It also gives you the opportunity to show there is a real person behind the website, helping you build up trust with a prospective client. If you want to keep the main blog content informative, the comments section allows you to get personal and perhaps more informal. Responding to comments gives you the opportunity to engage directly with customers and build relationships with them. From customer’s comments, you might even learn more about what they want from your service. Starting that conversation is key to a growing business.

The benefits of blogging are difficult to look past, so what are you waiting for? If you would like any further information from us, or would like to know about the blogging services we provide, then take a look at our ‘Services’ page. Alternatively, email us at hello@solesourcedigital.com.

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