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I have been doing business online since graduation in 2012 – and it’s now time to move my career in an advanced direction of cybersecurity.

After graduating in 2012 with a degree in Accounting, it was challenging finding a job. Thanks to God, I was already selling hair extensions and wigs online, so I continued with that. In December 2016, had a setback and decided to discontinue the business early 2017.

“Sometimes life will hit you in the head with a brick, don’t lose faith”. – Steve Jobs

My husband and I decided to relocate to the UK since we have been contemplating for a while. Why? Because of the diversity and opportunities available for people of colour, which was a huge issue we faced in Ireland.


 Very simple, childcare cost.

I was better off working from home, with a few days in the office, and still be able to be with my kids and not spend a lot on childcare. While I was enjoying it, I still felt that loneliness of working by myself.  Now my three kids are all grown and in school, and childcare is a bit more reasonable.


While researching for the best course, that’ll help me in all areas and not limit my prospects; I came across the MSc in Digital Business at the University of Salford. I went through the modules, and I discovered it had so many elements to it. One of the modules I was already learning online, which is the social media marketing module, while other modules were topics of interest.

Course Modules:

  • Digital Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Information Systems and Digital Transformation
  • Project Management, Leadership and Skills, Planning and Control
  • Search and Social Media Marketing

Plus an Industry collaboration project where I can choose to do a work placement, internship, or strictly dissertation. I am hoping to be able to do a work placement and hoping to secure one before the end of this year to start in February 2020.


We now live in a digital world, and all organisations are either a digital company or looking into digital transformation. I felt it would be helpful to study this degree, so I can be employable and be an asset to any organisation. Luckily for me, my degree links to cybersecurity, because organisations looking into digital transformation must also look into security transformation as well.


When it comes to online research, I think I’m close to an expert because you name whatever it is you are looking for, as long as it’s online, I will dig it out, and this is what everyone around me says, especially my husband. After my first module, I decided to start looking into what exactly I will love to do after completing my degree in 2020.

Then the research began into different industries, available jobs, and the opportunities out there. I came across this job at Deloitte, and I thought what a fantastic opportunity, but not for me at the moment because I’m already studying full time. I kept on with the research and found out that just 17% of UK tech workers are female, and the industry needs a more diverse talent.

Decided to research deeper into different careers in technology and came about cybersecurity and immediately felt an instant connection with it, plus it suited my interest and also the new skills I’ve been acquiring at Salford Business School.


Cybersecurity is the name given to the technologies and processes set out to protect online data from attacks and unauthorised access. These cyberattacks aim to gain access, change or destroy sensitive information; extort money from users; or disrupt normal business processes, and it does cost the UK billions of pounds, causing untold damage and threatening national security.

You might be wondering how I can achieve this dream of mine with no technology background. Well, I’m happy to inform you that not all cybersecurity roles are technical and you don’t need a computer science degree, and for me, it’s through determination, and continuous learning. I am looking to transition into a Cybersecurity Consultant in Manchester or anywhere in the North West of England but also open to other roles in cybersecurity. I have done my research and know that I will need some training and certifications to enter into the industry.

Here’s what I intend to start with:

  • Develop my programming skills: Python, Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and JavaScript.
  • Learn the basics of administering an operating system. I have concluded that Linux will help me become employable quickly.
  • CompTIA Security+, and CompTIA Network+

Getting certified is excellent, but I have no intentions of letting them hold me back, an internship is my primary goal to get me started. I know this new career path is going to be challenging, and I’m ready to step out of my comfort zone to achieve my dreams.

“If your dreams don’t scare you, they are too small.” – Richard Branson

Currently learning how personal branding and networking plays a significant role in one’s career; hence, the reason for starting this blog and writing this article. I will be sharing my journey, thoughts and more through this blog.

I’m delighted I made the right master’s degree choice. I have learnt vital skills needed to excel in digital organisations. 

“It is never too late to move your career in a different direction; I’m a proud wife and mum, and I have enjoyed the years I have worked from home while staying with my kids. Even though life has knocked me down so hard in the past, I have picked myself up for a fresh start. Now it’s time for mummy to fulfil her dreams”.

Please do drop a comment if you enjoyed the read; I will love your feedback, and you can contact me here or via any of my social media accounts LinkedIn and Twitter.

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