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Let’s face it, in today’s world of social media marketing, your small business needs to have an Instagram page. However, just simply having an Instagram page does not tick all the boxes for your business. You need to make sure that you know how to actually use the social media platform, particularly when it comes to building your brand’s name and following. Here at Sole Source Digital, we have therefore provided you with a useful guide on how to use Instagram grow your small business. Follow these essential tips below…

Aesthetic identity

Instagram is all about the visual and so when it comes to conveying a clear brand image on your Instagram page – think color. At Sole Source Digital, our main colors are black and white, because these are the colors on our logo. We have therefore chosen to use a black and white color scheme in our caption posts. So, when it comes to the colors that you display on your feed, think about what colors really resonate with your business and use these. Conveying that sense of identity in your Instagram feed would really make your small business page stay recognizable and stand out to visitors.


Okay, so you’ve decided on an identity, now it’s time to think about the kind of content that you wish to be posted. When it comes to deciding on what to post, think about what your audience wants to see. If you are targeting corporate clients, then make sure that you use professional images that would relate to these companies. Whatever content that you choose to post, make sure that it is shareable and/or would generate a conversation amongst Instagram users. Posting videos on your page is a good way of capturing one’s attention as well.


Want your posts to be more discoverable? Use hashtags. Hashtags make your posts enter into a community of similar posts that are all linked by one keyword. Before creating a hashtag, it is best practice to jot down the keywords and phrases that are relevant to your post and brand. As well as this, it is also good to research trending hashtags and use these on your posts to drive traffic to them. So many users on Instagram search for posts through hashtags, so take advantage of this! The good thing about hashtags as well is that they permanently remain on Instagram, meaning that your post can be accessed at all times.


This is a MUST for all businesses on Instagram. If you want your small business to grow, then you have to engage with your wider online community. This does not mean just liking and commenting on posts from users that you already follow. Engagement means branching out to external users in order to gain the maximum number of followers that you can possibly get. You can easily do this by searching for accounts that are similar to your own and engaging with their followers. Tell them about the services that you offer and why you can solve their issues. You can also engage by searching through relevant hashtags and joining in on trending conversations. Doing this does not only spread the name of your brand, but it also says a lot about how much your brand cares about the community that it is affiliated with. They don’t call it “social media’ for the sake of it – one needs to be social!


As mentioned in a previous blog post, Instagram stories are vital for the purpose of spreading your brand name. When creating a story, make sure that you use hashtags and location points in order to make your story more discoverable to the Instagram community. Say if someone is already searching through that hashtag or location, then your story will appear on their feed. Thus, if they see that your post is associated with that hashtag or location, then chances are that they will click on your story and maybe give your business a follow. Furthermore, it is important to remember that using Instagram stories says a lot about your business. It says that it is fun, creative and well up to date with today’s social media marketing trends.


Using a ‘call-to-action’ on your Instagram caption is an amazing way of attracting both internal and external users into your business. A call-to-action is an instruction to your users to get them to do a particular thing that would, in turn, be beneficial towards your business. For example, you may use a call-to-action to drive traffic to your website or to incentivize users to click on a particular link, say for a blog post. When it comes to formulating a call-to-action, it is important to be persuasive and inviting. Whenever you come up with a call-to-action caption, think to yourself this: would I as a social media user be tempted to do what they are asking me to do? If the answer is no, then your caption has to be more engaging.


In order to access all of Instagram’s analytic features, you need to be a business profile on the social media platform. The amazing thing about Instagram for business is that the social platform lets you measure your growth and track the levels of engagement for each of your posts. Just simply go onto a particular post on your page and choose the ‘View Insights’ option. There, you can see how many people the post has reached and the number of profile visits that it has attracted. As well as this, there is also a way of seeing your most popular posts. Go on your Instagram page, click on the three lines at the top, go to ‘Insights’ and there you have it! Having these analytics by your side is very helpful when it comes to devising your next social media strategy.


Having an optimized bio on your Instagram profile is key to growing your business. Typically, an optimized bio contains a stand-out picture, a short but snappy description of what your business does, and any relevant links to your services and other social media profiles. On our Sole Source Digital bio, we have included a Link Tree link, which provides a gateway to our recent blog posts, the services that we offer, our Facebook page and our website. Your bio is the first thing that people look at when they go onto your Instagram page, so it is important to really sell your business to users from the get-go.

And there you have it! Quick and easy steps on how to use Instagram to grow your small business. If you need help with Instagram marketing or want to find out how we can use social media marketing for your business, please do get in touch with us and one of our Instagram experts will get back to you.

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