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We all know that social media is a great way to connect with prospective clients. But, once you’ve set up your account, picked out a username, and written a great bio for your businesses, what next? It’s important to be clever with the way we update our social media. 41% of people tend to unfollow brands that share irrelevant content. You don’t want to be wasting your time posting content that isn’t engaging with your following, let alone making them leave! The best way to combat this? Social media content plans. In this article, we will take you through the benefits of having social media content plans, especially for Instagram. Make sure to read to the end as we have a special gift to offer you. Let’s inject some new life into your Instagram content!

Optimised content

Let’s first run over exactly what a content plan is…
A content plan acts as a social media prompt. Plans dictate how many times a week you will post and what sort of content you will upload each day. Whilst creating your plan, it’s important to consider what you want your social media to achieve for your business. Be it growing your following or building your brand, you can incorporate specific social media strategies into your plan.
So, which Instagram posts could you experiment with? Here are some examples;
  • Photos of your business in action or behind the scenes.
  • Videos interviewing staff members talking about their link to your business.
  • Testimonials from customers who have used your service.
  • Inspirational quotes associated with the service you provide.
You can choose whichever content you think is most suitable for your business. By incorporating the content into a weekly plan, your content will be thoughtful and well balanced.
Drafting a content plan for your business

Saving your valuable time

As a small business owner, time is your most sacred resource. So, why fritter it away worrying about that Instagram caption you need to write for tomorrow? Having a prompt for your content can save you troubling and let you make better use of your time.
Using an Instagram content plan also means you can start scheduling your updates ahead. With the help of sites such as Later and Tailwind, you are able to draft content which is automatically uploaded whenever you want. This way, sitting down for an hour or two helps you get all your content for the next week sorted. You can also reflect on which of your previous content has been most successful. Adjusting your plan based on your analytics can help you improve on your strategy week on week.
Time running out


A recent study has revealed that posting once a day is the optimal amount to improve your reach. This proves that consistency is vital to keep your audience engaged. If you stick to your strategy and post regularly, your social media helps create a positive and committed image for your business. We went into some detail about social media consistency in our previous article, take a look! Instagram feed


Particularly on Instagram, having a plan helps your feed look professional and slick.
As your profile displays your posts as tiles, it looks good if the squares follow a certain pattern. For example, on the Sole Source Digital Instagram, we alternate between text-based images and photos. For the text-based images, we always use a dark background and leave space around the writing. This means the photos don’t overwhelm the appearance of the profile and it looks clean. Your plan will help you maintain this balance and make your profile more attractive to prospective clients.
Sole Source's Instagram feed which uses a content plan

Connect with your audience through holiday hashtags

Download Now: Free May 2019 Social Media Calendar To make your prospective client feel understood by you, you can include holiday hashtags in your content plan. There are so many holidays that people celebrate. Why not incorporate them into some of your content? Especially as Instagram users actively search for holiday hashtags, using them can help increase your reach. This strategy gives your followers the feeling that they have a shared experience with your brand. In turn, your content feels fresh and relevant.

Planning meeting around a content calendar/plan

This Social Media Holiday Content Calendar will help with your planning in a good way for the Month of May. Download Now: Free May 2019 Social Media Calendar Now that will you have the calendar, all you have to do is create your content. Share with us what you will be creating.

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