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The success of your business relies on building your prospective client’s trust. A brilliant way to show what a consumer can expect from your business is through your social media channels. But, which platform is best suited to you and your consumer?

In this article, we compare Instagram and Facebook to help you make smarter social media choices.

1. Platform Traffic

As you may expect, Facebook continues to drive the most traffic out of any social network. A staggering 62% of the world’s adult population use Facebook. Its reach is unrivalled! In comparison, only 24% of adults use Instagram. Despite the difference in numbers, higher traffic doesn’t necessarily equate to boosted sales.

Let’s dive into what other factors are at play…


2. Algorithms

A social media algorithm dictates who sees your content and how highly it’s ranked on a user’s feed. Across different platforms, algorithms perform differently. It’s important to understand the distinctions to increase the reach of your content.

Likes fuel Instagram; posts with the most ‘hearts’ are shown to more people. Thanks to the Instagram ‘Explore’ page, content related to posts a user has already viewed is easy to find. Instagram has an unbiased approach to business-related accounts. As long as your company’s profile is receiving likes, users will be able to find it.

However, Facebook is a different story. In January 2018, Mark Zuckerberg announced some major changes to Facebook’s algorithm. The platform altered its focus. ‘Meaningful social interactions’ became their top priority. Posts from businesses and brands were marked as less important. Despite this, Facebook can still be an effective marketing tool. It only means that interactions with your consumer also have to be more meaningful. Encouraging your prospective client to engage with your profile is a great way to do this, which leads us onto the next topic of this article.


3. Engagement

Engagement is vital for building solid relationships with potential customers. The last thing you want is users aimlessly flicking through social media content. Instead, make them want to stop, watch your video, like a post; anything to make your brand memorable to them.

Engagement rates differ dramatically between platforms. Sprout Social compiled a study on over 3 million social media interactions. They found that Facebook has an engagement rate of only 0.1%. On the other hand, Instagram’s rate was 58 times this at 4.21%. But, why is Instagram receiving so many more likes?

Instagram has many features which make engagement easy. As well as Stories, Instagram has recently developed IGTV. Videos related to a user’s preferences auto-play back-to-back. If a user is engaging with profiles like yours, the algorithm may select your content to play next. If you haven’t experimented with video yet, now is the time to start! It’s so easy for a user to double-tap a post, confirming that they are on board with what your business has to offer.

Facebook also has its fair share of tools to boost engagement. You need to work out if they’re suitable for your business. Does your business host events? Events pages which users can click ‘attending’ to help spread the word through friendship groups. If your business has a blog, you can share your articles in status updates. This encourages prospective clients to click on your business’ profile. Be smart and Facebook helps you engage too.


4. Platform Demographic

Finally, it is useful to consider which social media platform your consumer is most likely to use. For example, if your client tends to be older, they are less likely to have an Instagram account. With teen presence on Facebook dwindling, other platforms prove more useful to reach a younger audience. There are definite trends in who has profiles where; including gender, level of education and income. Knowing about these differences can help you make smarter social media choices. Take a look at these statistics compiled by the Pew Research Centre.



With this information, you can build a social strategy perfect for your business. For further queries, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of the Sole Source Digital team. Email us at hello@solesourcedigital.com for a free social media review. Alternatively, take a look at our ‘Services’ page and find out about what we offer.

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