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This is a question that many small business owners ask themselves, weighing the pros and cons of going online, probably thinking they don’t need the unnecessary stress of pressing their phones or trying to create and handle a website, multiple social media platforms and the millions of questions asked by potential customers.

This era of technological advancement has allowed and motivated people to start, market, and grow their businesses within a quick span of time and with very minimal costs. For example, a website offers a virtual platform where companies can do business and increase their sales with ease. If your business doesn’t have a website, undoubtedly you are missing out on ample growth opportunities that could help market your company or business amongst potential customers. By getting a highly responsive and customer friendly website, you can help grow your business and increase your sales manifold. Meanwhile, it’s not limited to just having a website, but multiple social media platforms.

Here a few important reasons why you should take your business online

  • Cost friendly

Contrary to popular belief, taking your business online would not increase your costs but instead, reduce it. While starting a new brick and mortar store costs a lot of money, same as renting an office space. Creating a website would cost much less, while opening a social media account is absolutely free. A good search engine optimized website ensures that customers can easily locate your website when they look up for products and services related to what you are offering. Further, while the offline marketing of your business makes up for a major chunk of your business costs, online marketing is free; thanks to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

  • Ever-growing market

Lifestyles are becoming increasingly hectic, and most people are pressed for time. This is the major reason why e-commerce business and other business-to-consumers (B2C) sales are expected to shoot up rapidly over the next few years. Data by Statista, a leading market research firm, shows that 57% of the current United States population shop online whereas only 28% small sellers sell their goods and services on the internet. This huge gap between the demand and supply shows there is tremendous scope for growth, if small businesses put up an online presence.

  • Serve your customers 24X7

You can even offer and sell your products and services while sleeping! Yes, this may sound like a marketing gimmick, but this is, in fact, true. Your website is available 24 hours for everyone, 365 days a year. Your customers can order your products and services whenever and wherever they want. Also, since an online business doesn’t require your presence at all times, you will have more spare time to take care of important business activities that helps business growth or probably take that vacation you’ve been thinking about. With no time restraints in doing business online, you can expect increased sales and business growth in a quick span of time.

  • Easy customer feedback

Online presence not only helps you increase your sales but also ensures that you get customer feedback and reviews easily. You can request customer feedback through emails and other interactive ways like live chat, forums, and question forms. Social media channels such as Instagram and Facebook also help you receive feedback for your products and services easily by the comment sections. Getting customer feedback not only helps you in evaluating your company’s performance and increasing efficiency but also helps other prospective customers trust (and buy) your products and services and hence, increased conversions.

  • Professional image for your business

Having a website will show your prospective clients that your business is professional, trustworthy and credible. And it’s not just about having a website but having a well-designed, customer friendly and responsive website which will not only attract customers but turn them into paying customers. Don’t also forget you want to stand out from your competitors and to do this, a professional image online will set you apart from them.

While most of these pointers sound easy enough to do, having a website designer to design your website so that it looks professional and separates you from the already existing ones & regular common templates.

Creating multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram & Twitter are quite easy, as it requires little or no less than answering a few questions, but managing them all and giving adequate attention to each of them is time consuming, and you don’t want to spend most of your valuable time thinking of what to post, or even how to make your instagram page look attractive.

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