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If you are a real estate agent and are not using social media to market your business, then you are definitely missing out on so many opportunities. So many people take it to the world of online to find their dream home, so you need to make sure that your business is readily available for online audiences. However, social media marketing for real estate agents is not an easy job. Take note of these essential social media marketing tips below:

It’s important to educate your audience

Don’t just advertise your listings to audiences, offer people tips to ensure that they buy the best home for themselves. For example, when it comes to the content that you post on Instagram or the daily tweets that you send out, make sure that a lot of what you’re saying revolves around home-buying tips. When your customers feel that what you’re advertising is educational and worthwhile, then this makes them build that element of trust with your business. This all in all makes your business more credible!



Promote neighbourhoods and not just homes

When it comes to social media marketing for real estate agents, it’s important to focus on the macro as well as the micro. What we mean by this is don’t just focus on advertising homes. Use Instagram to post pictures about surrounding neighbourhoods and their key points of attraction. Yes, people do want a nice home, but they also value what kind of area their nice home is based in. On this note, you may want to use your real estate’s Facebook to share certain events going on in neighbourhoods. As well as this, it’s also a good idea to post links about local news stories going on in surrounding areas. Advertising the neighbourhood as well as the home on social media gives people more of a reason to buy a property. Makes sense really!



Think aesthetics and think video

There is no denying that home buyers are all in it for the visual. If they like the look of something, then they will want it. Therefore, make sure that your Instagram feed is predominately image-driven and that each post is selling something to the audience. The last thing that anyone would like to see going onto a real estate’s Instagram page is listings being posted all the time. It is also important to remember that people love video, with demand for video marketing now being higher than ever. So, make sure that you are devoting your time and funds to creating engaging videos for your audiences. Going live on Facebook or Instagram is an easy and effective way of doing this.

Don’t just assume that you are only going to connect with first-time buyers

Not everyone is going to be new to the whole home buying process, so you need to make sure that you tailor your social media content to the needs of first-time buyers and experienced buyers as well. On this note, when posting home-buying tips, don’t be afraid to go advanced in order to speak to those who have may more knowledge than others. Doing this only makes your business attract a bigger audience.

Engage with your followers

Last but certainly not least, make sure that you are engaging with your followers. Whether you are using Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to advertise your real estate business – communication is key. For example, you may want to use ‘a call to action’ in your posts, asking people to share their stories and telling them to ask any questions that they have in the comments section. This way you can start a conversation going and really start building up that rapport with your potential customers. Also, make use of Instagram polls to really get to know your audience and what they want from a property. With Twitter as well, it’s a good idea to tweet questions here and there. For instance, you may ask people what they envision their ideal home to be like and use their responses to influence your social media content. Starting that dialogue with your audience really shows that you care about them and makes people place that element of trust with your real estate business.

Here at Sole Source Digital, we will do everything that we can in order to make sure that your real estate social media accounts tick all the boxes, while you focusing on closing your deals. Book a consultation with us today.

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