Benefits of Using LinkedIn for Personal Brand Building

Benefits of Using LinkedIn for Personal Brand Building

LinkedIn is growing, and fast. Two professionals join every second. Two million posts, articles and videos are published on LinkedIn every day. These statistics are mind-blowing!

So, you need to get yourself out there! If someone’s searching for you on LinkedIn, you know they’re already interested. Prove to them that they’re right to look you up! LinkedIn can also be used to help new people find you. You want them to get to know the very best version of yourself.

In this article, we show you how to use LinkedIn to promote your personal brand. We go through everything from profile pictures to LinkedIn publishing. Read on for our definitive guide to LinkedIn personal branding!

Your profile’s first impression

Let’s take a look at your LinkedIn profile with fresh eyes. What first impression does it give off? And, how does it align with your personal brand?

Profile picture

First of all, we need to put a face to your name.

Your photograph helps set the tone of your profile. So, make it clear, professional, and friendly. Wear whatever you’d wear to work and remember to smile. This is your first opportunity to present your personal brand to LinkedIn members. Choose a photo that makes sense for who you are.

In an article posted to the LinkedIn blog, one of their employees tested out a range of profile pictures. They found that different photos changed how their profile was perceived. It’s a light-hearted article, but demonstrates just how important first impressions are! Take a look at to see how changes to lighting, facial expressions, and background alter how the subject came across.

To make things easy, there are tools you can use to analyse your picture for you. Try this one by Snappr. It gives your photo a score out of 100 and suggests ways to improve.

Background image

Your background image begins as a blue, patterned band across the top of your profile. You may not have thought much about this space. In fact, did you even know that you can change it?

A lot of LinkedIn users leave it as it is. But, they’re missing an opportunity to show some initiative! By adding your own photo, your profile becomes much more engaging to look at.

So, what are your options?

Firstly, you could use your business’ logo. This is exactly what Tobi, Sole Source’s creator, has done. This option aligns you with your brand and reminds users you have a business to your name.

Or, if you don’t have a logo, use an image that sums up who you are. Do you have a brilliant photo you took to promote your business? Use it!


One last step to optimise the appearance of your profile – clean up your URL.

When you first create a LinkedIn profile, your URL is made up of your name plus a combination of random numbers. LinkedIn gives you the option to edit the last part your address to whatever you want. This means that when you link to your profile from other sites, your web address looks clean and professional. Changing your URL will also improve your profile’s rank on search engines. So, if someone searches for your name, your LinkedIn profile is more likely to come at the top.

You can change your URL to 5-30 letters or numbers. As well as your name, you could also include something to do with your brand such as your business’ name.

Follow these simple steps provided by LinkedIn’s help centre to make the change. It will take you less than two minutes!

Tobi Oduola's LinkedIn Profile which promotes her personal brand

A closer look at the details

After optimising the appearance of your profile, you need to consider how well it reads.

Up to date information

Firstly, ensure your information is up to date, especially your job title and location. These are visible as soon as someone clicks on your profile. Keeping on top of the details shows that you are organised and in control.

Just think about why someone might be looking at your LinkedIn. They’re interested in you! Show them that you are worth investigating!

Summary Section

Once someone has looked over your profile, they’ll want some extra details. This is where your summary section comes in.

Give the internet a summary of who you are, what your experience is, and what you hope for the future. In essence, this is your personal brand’s manifesto. It might feel strange writing at length about yourself. But, many influential sites, including LinkedIn’s own blog, suggest your summary section should be around 300 words.

The tone should be professional, but conversational. Try to write as you’d speak about yourself. There’s no need for jargon here. Simple introductions are always the best.

Phone screen displaying LinkedIn, a great site for promoting your personal brand

Publish articles using LinkedIn

You may have read our article last week about creating content strategies. We spoke about the importance of giving clients free content. It helps to draw them towards your business and build their trust, showing you’re there to help. Well, publishing on LinkedIn works very similarly.

LinkedIn allows you to publish original articles that are displayed in the ‘Articles’ section of your profile. LinkedIn then shares the pieces with your connections via their news feed.

Much like content marketing, LinkedIn publishing shows you have an area of expertise that you’re confident to talk about. In fact, you’re willing to share your knowledge with other members of your community to help them out too!

So, start thinking of topics you could write on. Perhaps, some knowledge associated with the service you provide? Or, what about articles discussing what it’s like to start a small business? A lot of successful content on LinkedIn talks about difficult career journeys which in the end, lead to success. Don’t be afraid to get personal! Whatever you write on will also help steer your personal brand. What do you want to be associated with?

It’s simple to upload. Follow this guide by LinkedIn and soon, you’ll be a published author!

Someone writing an article to help create their personal brand

Connect with others and engage

Sometimes we forget – LinkedIn is a social media network. So, make the connections you know will be beneficial for your business and brand. 45% of LinkedIn users are in upper management. That’s a lot of people to draw from and get to know.

Start by adding people who you’ve worked with before. Endorse their skills where you feel necessary. They might endorse yours back! It’s good practice to add people as soon as you’ve met them. You want your connections to feel fresh and relevant. Interact with people. Say ‘congratulations’ when someone gets a promotion. Like content that other users post. Little touches will make you seem friendly and positive.

Also, follow companies that you feel fit with your personal brand. Anyone can see who you follow on LinkedIn. By following strong and successful companies that you aspire to emulate, you’re setting a brilliant president for yourself.

People engaging with each other, expressing their personal brand

That’s everything you need to know about how LinkedIn can help with personal brand building!

If you’d like more information about Sole Source Digital, take a look at our website. We are a Social Media Management company, ready to help your small business on the road to success. We offer a range of services, including Instagram audits and social media strategy sessions. Why not send us an email today and see how we could help you out.


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