Social Media for Dental Practices: Creative Ways to Grow your Following

Social Media for Dental Practices: Creative Ways to Grow your Following

Everyone knows that dental hygiene is a vital part of looking after ourselves. And yet, so many people put off making dental appointments. In the UK, almost half of adults are afraid of the dentist in some way. Thanks to social media, it’s easy to present dental care as less scary and more caring.
Your social updates don’t have to have a hard-sell tone. In fact, offering tips and advice rather than sales pitches will make prospective clients trust in you. They show you are personable and care about your client’s teeth whilst gently reminding patients to schedule appointments. This is a winning strategy and will grow your dental practice.
In this article, we will give you specific tips and ideas about how you can use social media to grow your business. First, we will investigate how social media helps small businesses grow in general. Then, we will work through some of the major social networks, suggesting creative ways to attract people to your business.

Growing your business

To get started, let’s go over the general role social media has in growing small businesses.
Firstly, social media helps you build trust with your prospective clients. Allowing your followers to see how you run your business shows them you have nothing to hide. They get to see the real workings behind the practice and understand what’s important to you. Suddenly, you go from being an intimidating brand to a person they can have a chat with. This is particularly important with dentists because of how many people find them daunting.
Social media can also help with brand recognition. Increasingly, people are putting their lives online. They may want to let their followers know where they got their latest dental work done. A post by one client shares information about your surgery with all their followers. It’s an invaluable marketing opportunity!
Also, it doesn’t hurt to know what your competitors are up to. Following other practices through social media allows you to network and keep up to date on what others offer.
Increasing growth reports at your dental practice

Now, let’s think of specific ideas for you to use to get your social media noticed. We’ve divided this part of the article into the different social platforms.


Having lovely-looking teeth is an aspiration that many of us share. Given that Instagram is such a visual tool, it works well to promote dentistry. For example, testimonials help build trust with prospective clients. If they can see that your service works, clients are much more likely to buy into it. This could include ‘before and after’ pictures or interviews with happy, smiling customers.
As we mentioned in the introduction, offering advice to patients also helps build their trust. The advice can come in many forms. A weekly dentistry ‘top tip’ is a great addition to your content. Or, what about a Q&A on basic dentistry questions? You could do an Instagram live stream or open up the question on your story. Show prospective clients you care without them having to pay out first.
Finally, show off your team! On Instagram, this could be as simple as updating your story. A quick photo of staff ready to work at the start of the day removes the barrier between patient and dentist. It’s easy to make dentistry less about fillings and metal tools and more about caring people keeping our mouths healthy. You could even introduce a ‘team member of the month’ award. Show that lots of hard work go into your business.
With Instagram in particular, it’s a great idea to have a content plan. This way, you will be uploading varied posts throughout the week. Just look at our previous article for more information on the benefits of them.

Woman with lovely teeth at dental practice


Facebook operates in a different way to Instagram. We have a whole blog post on their differences, so please read it if you would like further information on this topic.
One of the major differences is how easy it is to share articles on Facebook. If your dental practice has a blog, it couldn’t be simpler to update your Facebook status and let your followers know about new posts. Alternatively, you could share other related blogs or even news on the world of dentistry. Anything to show your patients that you are up to date and engaged with their dental health.
Facebook is also used as a resource for practical information on businesses. For example, on your ‘About’ page, it’s helpful to include your opening times. Facebook may also be the place prospective clients look for urgent information, like whether you’re open on a bank holiday. Making this information easy to find makes your service feel smooth.
Additionally, Facebook has ‘Recommendations and Reviews’ feature. When prospective clients search for your page, these reviews appear right at the top. 1 in 3 users check reviews on Facebook before using a service or business. If you encourage clients to leave glowing reviews, more people are likely to use your dental practice.


In many ways, Twitter works similarly to Facebook. Twitter also allows you to share blog posts and snippets of information with your following. But, Twitter’s ‘retweet’ function is its most useful tool for businesses like yours. It allows you to fill up your feed with informative posts, with the least effort on your side. There’s a lot you can teach your followers about dentistry. So, if you retweet educational posts from big dentistry accounts, you’ll become a reliable source of information.
For example, Dentistry Today is a clinical news magazine. They send out multiple tweets each day to their 45.3k followers. If there is a piece of news that stands out to you, why not share that with your prospective clients?
Kid’s Healthy Mouths is a lovely account, reminding children why they should brush their teeth. They share friendly infographics with brushing tips and statistics. Your followers might benefit from knowing this information.
Finally, Dr Richard is a celebrity dentist with an avid following. You could inject a bit of glamour into your feed by retweeting one of his celebrity patients.
Retweeting is easy and fast. If you’re careful about which information you choose, your feed will become a great, educational resource. Show that you know what you’re doing, and people will know that they can trust your service.

Dental chair

To recap, your social media’s message should be gentle reassurance. Going to the dentist is not everyone’s favourite pastime. But, through Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, you can show that there is nothing to worry about. You are only there to help. And so are we, at Sole Source Digital. If you would like any further information on our social media management services, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d love to give your dental practice the support it deserves.

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