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The number of worldwide social media users now stands at 3.196 billion. This figure is only rising. In 2017, eleven people every second opened up their first social media account. Soon, half the population of the world will have their own online profiles.

But, why is this important to you as a small business owner?

For a small business like yours, an online profile allows prospective clients to engage. If you want your business to become part of your client’s life, social media helps them to keep up-to-date and connected with you.

In this article, we nail-down exactly what social media is and how it can help your business. We will also explain how Sole Source Digital can help you achieve your business goals.

Let’s get started.

What is social media?

In basic terms, social media is a form of online communication. It allows users to share information about themselves and find out more about others. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are amongst the most popular platforms. Individuals, businesses, and brands build profiles to represent themselves and interact with others.

Each site encourages users to update their profiles in different ways. A previous Sole Source article uncovered the differing benefits of Instagram and Facebook. It’s important to know about these differences to make the most out of each platform. For example, if your business has a blog, Facebook allows you to easily share article links. On the other hand, if you’re willing to take some crisp photos of your business in action, Instagram is perfect for you.

Often, social media caters for short attention spans. Posts tend to be easy to read or look at. They are made to be eye-catching and engaging, speedily communicating their message to the audience. If done well, a post can encourage a follower to engage with your business in a matter of seconds.

How can social media help your small business?

Apart from connecting your business to its clientele, social media has a range of benefits that you may not think of.

Setting up online profiles allows you to network with people in your industry. Far from awkwardly exchanging business cards, a quick ‘follow’ and direct message allows you to build relationships with other similar businesses.

Online profiles also give your business context. In Britain, 8 out of 10 consumers prefer to use independent businesses over larger ones. Social media is a great place to shout about how you started your business and get personal with clients. This is what they want, and you can give it to them! Don’t go thinking your social media profile is only useful for your clients.

Also, it helps you get a better idea of what your clients expect. By paying attention to analytics, it’s easy to keep track of which content is most popular. Comments and direct messages allow you to speak directly to your followers. You might be able to answer their questions or receive feedback on your business. You can even set up polls through Twitter and Instagram, allowing followers to get a say in your business.

In short, social profiles become great sources of information on your client base. And what about the stats? People are 57.5% more likely to buy from a brand they follow on social media. Your sales are immediately boosted if you gather a targeted following. If a prospective client has a positive social media experience with a business, they are 71% more likely to buy from it.

These statistics are difficult to argue with.

What’s the most important characteristic of your business’ social media presence?

For your small business, being active on social media is everything. It’s all very well creating profiles across different platforms. But, for your business to reap their benefits, it’s important to manage them with care. Inactive profiles can be more damaging than inexistent ones. If you come across as if you’ve lost interest in posting or engaging with clients, it suggests you’re running out of energy to fuel your business. Therefore, by maintaining active profiles, you show prospective clients you care.

You want the best service for them, so stay engaged and excited about your business.

How can Sole Source Digital help?

At Sole Source Digital, we provide sharp and customised social media management services. We have the expertise to create and implement the perfect social strategies for your business. Hand over the reins and we will run your accounts for you. In the process, you will watch your followers grow organically, thanks to our engagement strategies. Most importantly, these will be targeted followers; real, prospective clients who want to engage with your business.

From content creation to image production, we have you covered.

For more information on our social media management services, please go to the ‘Services’ section of our website. For any other enquiries about Sole Source Digital, email us at hello@solesourcedigital.com. We look forward to hearing from you.

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